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    How much is protection and peace of mind worth to you?

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Home Security by JJ Richardson Electrical

Peace of mind for home security

  • More and more homeowners are opting to improve security on their homes. Whether it be by installing burglar alarm, CCTV or intercom systems. By installing such systems, you are minimising your chances of becoming a victim of crime.
  • Many alarms are often fitted after the burglary has occurred. Be ahead of thieves!
  • When renewing your contents insurance, insurers look favourably when you can, answer ‘yes to having home security installed at your property’. This sometimes can help reduce when renewing your annual premium.
  • We have a wide range of reliable and easy to use security systems available to meet your requirements and budget and offer a free no obligation quotation.
  • J&J Richardson Ltd have a knowledgeable team who will find the best solution for your security and safety needs.
  • How much is protection and peace of mind worth to you?

Security Services

  • Wired – Typically, cheaper to buy and slightly longer to install than a wireless system but very reliable. Consideration should be taken for routing and hiding cables.
  • Wireless – More expensive than wired systems but much easier to install which can reduce overall cost. Neat, very reliable and portable – when moving to a new house, you can take this with you!
  • CCTV – Vastly becoming more and more popular in residential homes. A great way to enhance your security and can be linked to your mobile device via an app. Easy to use systems with the latest technology.
  • Intercom Systems – These systems have become more popular in recent years and as technology has improved, prices have dropped. An excellent way of communicating with someone at the door without answering it!
  • Security Lighting – An extremely important part of security and a clever addition for the exterior of your property, especially if it is motion activated which makes it more energy efficient. Lighting can be a great way of keeping your property safe from unwelcome intruders.
  • Smoke Detectors – It’s ok keeping unwanted visitors out of the home but what about the dangers within it. Every home should have a smoke detector on each floor fitted. These devices sense smoke, typically as an indicator of fire and alert us immediately. A smoke alarm could help save your home and the lives of you and your family.

Security for your home, residence or external buildings. Benefit from our experience and expertise. Call J&J Richardson Electrical Ltd on 07876 611756 or contact us by email.